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Introducing the Pro-Ferred™ Flexible Finger Splint… a patent pending design breakthrough that immobilizes your finger, yet still allows for some movement.

The Pro-Ferred™ Flexible Finger Splint is increasingly popular with Orthopedic Doctors and is used by Professional and Collegiate Athletic Trainers nationwide.

Advantages of using a Pro-Ferred™ Flexible Finger Splint for sprains, jams or dislocations*…

Now Availble at Wal-Mart
    • Semi-Flexible
    • Slim and Efficient
    • Disposable
    • Metal Free
    • Latex Free
    • Adhesive Backed
    • Game Legal for Athletes
Finger Splint with Embedded Plastic Support

An ideal product for athletes in action. This "game legal" splint keeps athletes on the playing field and helps to minimize the chance of reinjuring the finger.

A must have product for Hospitals, Orthopedic Offices, Clinics, School Nurses' Offices, and Emergency Rooms.

*Please consult your medical professional to determine if this splint is appropriate for your injury.

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